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Resident Evil 7 – The Beginning Hour Walkthrough

Resident Evil 7 – The Beginning Hour Walkthrough Author: Lisha Blackhurst So last night we had a chance to play the new teaser for Resident Evi...
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9 Score

Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite Review - by Sarah Quinn The greatly anticipated sequel to a much loved series of games is here and it doesn’t disappoint...
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7 Score

Bayonetta – From The Vault

  Bayonetta Review - by Sarah Quinn Bayonetta wasn’t a game I had heard of prior to seeing it discounted at a game store, being on sal...
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10 Score

Bioshock – From The Vault

  Bioshock Review - by Sarah Quinn So Bioshock is a pretty old game now considering we’re now awaiting Bioshock Infinte, however, ...
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