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Issue 27 - Read Now

Issue 27 – Jo-Louise Moore

Featuring the amazing Jo-Louise Moore! Who wants more? Well we also have  girls such as Alysha Nett, Portia Victoria, Nikki Litt...
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Issue 26 – Burn Baby Burn

Featuring some of the extremely HOT... Charlotte Louisa Moran! Also girls such as Rosy Cherrington, Lauren Houldsworth, Alysha, Gemm...
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Elite Issue 25

Issue 25 – Bottoms Up!

Featuring some of the best bums out there... including the fantASStic Gigi Petite! Also girls such as the original alt girl Nina Dee, Gemm...
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Elite Issue 24

Issue 24 – Mel Clarke

The hottest girl in the UK right now... it's Mel Clarke. Featuring girls such as Sophie Weiss, Anna Elizabeth, Charlotte Alexander and Fay...
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Elite Issue 23

Issue 23 – Rosie Roff

It's only Rosie Roff the playboy girl! Featuring girls such as Laika, Chloe Brooke, Kaye, Kezzy Harding, Pippa Harries, Sian Sayer, Kaitly...
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Elite Issue 22

Issue 22 – Arny is back!

Arnold is back... Sarah Arnold we mean... the much sexier of the two big Arnolds. Featuring girls such as Kimmi B, Kerri Parker, Jes Anarc...
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Elite Issue 21

Issue 21 – Cara Steel

She is the best of the breast... it's Cara Steel! We catch up again with the Bluebird TV star. Featuring girls such as Maja Stina, Sofia C...
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Elite Issue 20

Elite Issue 20 – Elle Richie

WOW! It's only Elle Richie... we catch up with one of the biggest girls in the UK. She has it all... the brains, the beauty and the wit. F...
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Elite Issue 19

Issue 19 – The RAW Issue

Welcome to the RAW issue with Colleen Deary and Lel Burnett! Featuring girls such as Gigi Petite, Louisa Sunshyne, Amber Tutton, Chloe Hel...
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Elite Issue 18

Issue 18 – Susan Holmes-McKagan

Issue 18 features the very beautiful and talented Susan Holmes-McKagan! We find out what she has been up to and what inspires her... We al...
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