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Elite Issue 82: Bea Dux

Issue 82 has arrived and it's a debut cover for Bea Dux. She is going to be a big part of Team Elite and you will see why... she is such a babe! ...
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TLBOH – Train to Busan Review

For the first time, Korea has turned its hand to the zombie apocalyptic genre, and what a superb entry it is. While it may not have many entirely...
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Elite Issue 81: Dolly Diamond

BOOM... Issue 81 launches with the gorgeous Dolly Diamond on our cover... she's back and better than ever! You will also see some amazing babe...
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TLBOH – Resident Evil 7

So last night we had a chance to play the new teaser for Resident Evil 7, and it had me gripped from the first moment! The first person gameplay,...
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Elite Issue 80: Charlotte Something

It's that time again.... Issue 80 launches with Elite favourite Charlotte Something on our cover... you're welcome! You will also see some ama...
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Elite Issue 79: Hollie Sparrow

Boom! It's Issue 79 with the blonde bombshell Hollie Sparrow... we know you love her and so do we! You will also see some amazing babes making...
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Elite Issue 78: Rebecca Crow

Look out it's Issue 78 and also the return of Elite favourite Rebecca Crow... you will never forget this feature with her wearing the slick brand...
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Our Picks for the WWE Draft

So the WWE draft is looming upon us and I for one am fucking excited, why am I excited you say? Well get a brew, get comfy and I shall enlighten ...
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Introducing The Betting Club

If you are a wrestling fan who likes a little flutter then, Its time for Rich's BOOM BETTING BONANZA! This is my tip for a quick quid this...
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TLBOH [Interview] Eric Fox of Face Off talks Horror FX

Legendary Eric Fox, contestant on Season Four of SyFy show Face Off, chats to TLBOH on all things horror, up-coming projects, and how sex toys wo...
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