New Fashion Nudes Review
By Lisha Blackhurst

The James Beddoes cover of New Fashion Nudes is a striking one; a celebration of women, capturing all aspects of beauty. Inside, the subtle eroticism bound with the candid “accidental” imagery shows models in ordinary situations, each caught in a fleeting transitory moment; and they are exquisite. Although these models are strikingly beautiful, these images are not graphic, bold and overtly sexual. They are restrained, refined, delicate portraits of pure realism. We see freckles on the skin, cellulite, marks where underwear has been worn, blurring the lines between the unachievable and the possible. These models are surreal in their splendour, but are shown with gentle flaws we all have, making them feel real enough to touch.

The works that stand out are Ryan Pike, who seems adept at capturing moments of sincerity along with soft curves. Dido Fontana’s pieces are bolder, using striking colour to pierce each snapshot. Splice Pictures read as crisp stills from an art film, each piece telling a unique story brimming with emotion. James Beddoes offers a distinguished variety that doesn’t hold back from empowerment alongside a true sense of joy that the women are enjoying their bodies, and the photos being taken.

by 15 Great Photographers
Publisher: GOLIATH

£ 32.99