Issue 82 has arrived and it’s a debut cover for Bea Dux. She is going to be a big part of Team Elite and you will see why… she is such a babe!

You will also see some amazing babes making their Elite Debut such as Kelly Lane, Rika, Vikki Blendell, Bellezaloca, Stephanie Jo Storer, Katie Anna, Ariel and Chloe Karnage.

We also have the return of beauties such as Nayru and Anniston.

There are many awesome brands on show this issue including Deth Kult, Lovechild Boudoir, Camilly Clothing, Panic Pop, Malice Lingerie, Fast Plant, Hole Hearted, Deliverance and Bad Bish Rags.

Music Time… Steel Panther, Dance Gavin Dance and more.

That’s all for now folks! Stay classy.