Resident Evil 7 – The Beginning Hour Walkthrough
Author: Lisha Blackhurst
So last night we had a chance to play the new teaser for Resident Evil 7, and it had me gripped from the first moment! The first person gameplay, with only a torch to guide you, is extremely eerie and daunting, making you turn every corner with bated breath. It is insane how far horror games have come in recent years. The realism is breath-taking, and the simplicity in the scares is what makes it so effective. It has all the traditional aspects of a horror movie; a creepy old house, dark shadows and moving mannequins, an old video tape you find, watch and also navigate yourself, it takes Resident Evil back to where it all started and is far more terrifying than most horror films! Roll on January when the full game is released, I for one cannot wait!