Birmingham based Melodic Post-Harcore band I, The Dreamer hit the scene earlier this year with their debut single ‘Battle Scars’ taken from their upcoming EP ‘Shadow Hearts’. Having recently released an awesome Punk Goes Pop style cover of ‘Cold Water’ by Major Lazer Ft. Justin Bieber, the band are proving themselves to have a successful future ahead. Certainly ones to watch!


Introduce yourself! Who are you and where did it all begin?
We are I, The Dreamer; a melodic post-hardcore band from Birmingham UK, we like to take the heavy stuff and make it catchy as hell! We began when James, Toby, and Matt got together to play a few songs that Matt had been working on over last summer. We had a juggle with the kind of line-up we wanted and we decided to bring in Alex to front the band, and with him, he brought Jack to take on lead guitar.

How would you describe your sound in just 3 words?
If this was a job interview we’d say “Punctual, Practical, and Passionate” but as this is Elite we’ll say “Hot and Heavy!”

What has been your biggest highlight as a band so far?
We’d have to say our debut show at The Rainbow Venues Birmingham on the 16th of July. All of the bands on the bill were amazing and there was so much support there for us, even with only a few tracks released everyone there was loving it, which meant the world to us. Though we’d also mention the day we shot our first music video, an entire day in a photography studio with such good people was very memorable.

Looking back at every song you’ve ever written as a band, which is your favourite to play and why?
We all have different favourites to play when we rehearse, but at our gig, we’d have to say our latest single ‘Old Souls’ went down the best. It’s also the song we feel best summarises our sound.

If you could play at any festival in the world, where would you pick?
We’d love to hit up all the big festivals in the world, again, we all have our personal favourites. If we had to pick we’d most probably say warped tour, not only because we’d fit right in, but because there are so many dates to play! Or is that being cheeky?

Who are your biggest musical influences?
We draw a lot of musical influence from American bands of the genre like Sleeping With Sirens and We Came As Romans, but like to combine it with a British rock production style. The story-based narratives of our lyrics come from years of listening to bands like Deaf Havana and Mallory Knox.

If you could form a ‘super group’ with any other band on this year’s line-up, who would you pick?
We think the best ‘super group’ would be if Toby just played every instrument in a fifty-piece orchestra except drums, which will be played by Chris Turner from Oceans Ate Alaska

What would be your ideal tour line-up?
It would consist of Jonah Hill opening the shows with some slam poetry. Main support would be the Frosties kid, and we’d be co-headlining with Rick Astley. But if we want something more plausible we think the guys from Don Broco would be great fun to tour with, also Bring Me The Horizon and we’ll see if we can borrow their orchestra, and Oceans Ate Alaska because they are sick.

What can we expect to see and hear from you in the future?
We’re currently writing and recording our upcoming EP ‘Shadow Hearts’ which will be out mid-Autumn this year. We’re hoping to bolster that release with gigs, our next one in Birmingham is on the 30th of October with Grumble Bee at the Sunflower Lounge. You can get tickets of our Big Cartel.