Welcome back my friends! Its that fucking time again for some quick quid making with The Betting Club! So what do we have this week on the cards I hear you cry? Well this one is pretty fucking special because it’s the MMA debut of The Best in the World, CM FUCKING PUNK!


Yeah that’s fucking right, it’s been 2 years or so since he signed with the UFC but now it’s finally time! I for one am rooting for the former sixth longest reigning WWE champion as he steps in the octagon with Mickey Gall who is currently 2-0 in his pro mma career.

Now Gall is no chump that’s for sure! He’s one dangers ma fucker, Nomesayin?! So be prepared to possibly see Punk get absolutely fucked to bits! And don’t say I didn’t bloody warn you. But we here at Elite and certainly myself BELIEVE IN THE BEST IN THE WORLD!


So can Phil drop the ultimate pipe bomb, clobber Gall and silence everyone? I fucking hope so and not just because I’ve got money on the cunt! Never underestimate the underdog either! So don’t be surprised if you are laughing all the fucking way to the bank my free cash loving chums. And if you can bet on him coming out to Cult of Personality his old WWE theme fuck it! Chuck a quid or two on that as I think he’s going to, just to piss people off.

Happy betting fuckers!