[Interview] Eric Fox of ‘Face Off’ talks Horror FX and Dildos!
Author: Lisha Blackhurst

Legendary Eric Fox, contestant on Season Four of SyFy show Face Off, chats to TLBOH on all things horror, up-coming projects, and how sex toys would be the most horrifying items he could find heading towards him during a tornado!


Hi Eric, welcome to Elite! What have you been up to since Face Off?

Since face off life has been crazy. We’ve had the opportunity to jump from one awesome project to the next. Face Off was definitely life changing and it gave the world a small glimpse of what I can do.


Evil Dead is a huge favorite of yours, but what other 80s horror movies inspire your work?

Growing up watching mostly 80s horror, slasher and sci-fi gave me a true appreciation for the craft of films such as American Werewolf in London, The Thing, Robocop, Star Wars and never to forget Nightmare on Elm Street or Friday the 13th. I think that is one of the reasons I am so diverse in what I and my team at Morb-X FX Lab can do – one day we’re making exploding heads, while the next day making animatronic robots!


Outside of Horror, what are your interests?

Other than FX, some of my other great interests are my kids, family and friends. I am heavily into Ufology (study of UFOs) as well as study of conspiracy theory. As an artist and free thinker I often question what does not make sense and the powers that be.


Your pieces on Face Off were some of the BIGGEST and most ambitious, have you continued this approach out in the field?

I always used the bigger and badder approach, even before Face Off. As someone who has an appreciation for the craft and the art I push myself to give the most bang for the buck. I try taking new approaches while maintaining old school practical roots.


What is one of the WORST horror movies you’ve seen, or can you find something good in everything?

As a true optimist I always find the bright side to all. If a movie is that horrible I find it a great resource tool of what not to do.



If you could make a movie using one of your Face Off characters, which would you choose and what would the title be?

That’s easy…It would be my creation from the second challenge, the super hero challenge, Dick Gritty, my retro-futuristic private detective secret agent character and the title would be “Dick Gritty, You Don’t Know Dick”.


On the show you had a very infectious laugh! What horror comedy has made you laugh the most?

Evil Dead was a classic along with Army Of Darkness; in fact, looking back at any 80s horror films there are many laughable moments – not always intentional but still funny. As far as modern horror comedies go…Boy scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (trampoline scene) was one of the best recently.



You worked on Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!, other than a shark, what would be the most terrifying thing you could see flying towards you during a tornado?

A bunch of sex toys…”Dilnado” would be a horrible film!


Finally, is there anything you would like to share with The Little Blog of Horror?

Makeup effects and art in general has played a big part in my life. I always envisioned myself as a creator. Creators and innovators are the people that shape the future that form ideas and shape opinions. Art has kept me out of a lot of trouble growing up because there was always something positive to focus on. As an artist I find inspiration in many things…mostly from nature and elements of my surroundings. The younger generation has it a lot easier to find information with youtube and google about the industry and there are numerous books available. That was not the case in the early 80s when I was trying to get my start. There was a lot of sneaking into my mom’s makeup and talking my friends into letting me put plaster on their faces. I am greatly inspired when I see young kids getting into this field and posting their videos online because it reminds me of my early days and how I got my start. And now I am living the dream and getting to work on great movies, TV shows and becoming friends with the rock stars and actors that I admire. One day we are making cute animatronic kitten heads for TV shows as well as rubber dolphins for Shark Week, and the next day I am on set gluing alien dicks on for Rob Zombie. Face Off was an amazing catalyst for what already existed inside me and I am grateful for the world wide exposure yet I know there is more greatness to come. I am having crazy fun breaking down the boundaries and keeping it classy.


Photo Credit – Eric Anderson

Photo Credit – Eric Anderson