We caught up with Despised Icon vocalist Alex Erian at Groezrock’s 25th Anniversary to speak about their new record ‘Beast’, the evolution of the music scene, and the profitability of extreme metal bands. 

Your new album ‘Beast’ comes out in July. It’s the first thing you’ve released for a while, what can we expect?

We broke up for nearly 6 years, so it feels great to play new material finally. Musically? We’re older, more mature. A lot of people would expect a band our age to go a little more mainstream at that point in our career, but that’s not what we’re doing. We’ve had the opportunity to play in other bands, experiment, but when it comes to Despised Icon, it’s pure fucking brutality man. Fans of our older sound, slammin’ brutal death metal, will be pleased. Fans from the more recent… Read more in Issue 76.