Welcome to Issue 75! It embraces the debut of the AMAZING Erica Fett… there is nothing this woman can’t do and boy are we lucky to have her!

You will also see some amazing babes making their Elite Debut such as Daniella Lucas, El Elena, Velvette Devine, Tylah Mant and Karen Materia.

We also have the return of beauties such as Amber Von Tassel, Anna Quinn, Eden, Heather Dvine, Jasmine Jones and Sam Pixie.

Lauren Brock returns with her girl Sammie Howe for a double feature wearing Cathouse Clothing… oh, you’re welcome!

We have many awesome brands on show this issue including, Malice Lingerie, Slackjaw Apparel, Anything Goes Apparel, Alpha Bhoys, Weight of the World, Lovechild Boudoir, Creep Street and Bad Bish Rags.

Last but certainly not least! Music returns to Elite, featuring Crossfaith, Babymetal, The Used, Hatebreed, All Hail The Yeti and more!

That’s all for now folks! Stay classy.