Tattoo Super Models Review
By Dannika Daisy @dannikadj

Tattoo super models; super tattooed models…

I see these phrases in both those orders. The tattoos are super, the models are super and moreover the images of the tattooed models are even more, well; super! Christian Saint (again I could have a play on words here); has created a beautiful gallery of tattooed models. However the collection is described to look at models who have tattoos, I actually see the model for who she is, regardless of the fact she has tattoos. As a tattooed model myself I practise posing in ways to reflect my persona as well as the fact I have tattoos to photograph. These fabulous ladies completely ace that. To use the term “I was inspired” is wrong here for the term “I was and will keep being inspired…” by these photographs is relevant. The females featured are firstly introduced with one word that stains my mind, “perfect”. What a positive way to refer to tattooed models, it’s taken years for the taboo tattoo world to be accepted. Is this a step forward for the alternative industry? These beautiful, toned, delicate ladies (not to mention perfect) embracing who they are with and by tattoos just breaks that stereotype. I just want to focus on that view of these images showcasing perfection as it makes me happy. It makes me happy because these images are not what the beauty and commercial industry class as perfect. If you look at the photographs, you can still see creases, freckles, realness in them. Unlike an overly photoshopped image. These girls are perfect without being overly photoshopped. The rawness just gives me tattooed butterflies with a whole lot of shading. What an empowering collection of beautiful tattooed models. Well done to the Saint himself, Christian Saint. He really has captured the beauty of tattoos and females.

( inked & sexy )
by Christian Saint
Publisher: GOLIATH

US$ 34.95 – £ 22.99 – Euro 24,90