Welcome to Issue 74! The third issue of 2016 is here and it’s the return of Becky Holt… and she is looking better than ever!

You will also see some amazing babes making their Elite Debut such as Rosa Brighid, Laura Erika, Peggy WK, May Kelly, Vicki Blatchley, Kayla Lilly Lou, Elle J and Sarah Kawaii.

We also have the return of beauties such as Bex Fisher as well as two double sets with Bea Dux & Keshia… then new girl Bella Valentine with Suzy Lee!

Another installment from Elite favourite Alysha Nett, showing off the incredible Venom Blackbird.

We have many awesome brands on show this issue including, Malice Lingerie, Slackjaw Apparel, Anything Goes Apparel, Alpha Bhoys, Weight of the World, Lovechild Boudoir, Creep Street and Bad Bish Rags.

That’s all for now folks! Stay classy.