Welcome to Issue 72! It’s the first issue of 2016 and we celebrate it in style… not only is it the biggest issue to date with 188 pages, it is also the first cover for Sian Marie. We love this girl and you know you do too.

You will also see some amazing babes making their Elite Debut such as Bex Cision, Aiyla Beau, Sam Pixie, Maxie Rhoads, Nancy No, Lisa Hughes, Rachel Grace, Alysha Sidaway and Claire Parker.

We also have the return of beauties such as Rebecca Crow, Miss Annalieza and Jasmine Jones.

There is a double treat for you this issue, in the form of Heather Dvine and Ashlea Louise… these mega babes are a sure sight for sore eyes!

Elite favourite Alysha Nett is also back in the first issue of the year, but this time it is behind the camera. She joins the team as as photographer now and check out what she has been up to… she is amazing!

We have many amaaaaaazing brands on show this issue including, Lovechild Boudoir, Creep Street, Family of the Dead, Malice Lingerie and Time Is Gold.

That’s all for now folks! Stay classy.