Ducking Punches – Big Brown Pills From Lynn

By Tom Lebeau Packer

It’s a common thing these days to have friends, or know people in bands within your local area, and so it is always with some trepidation that I listen to their music when they enthusiastically sell their latest project to me. It’s not anything personal but there is always that inner monologue you have with yourself the split second before you listen to a friends music  that goes along the lines of “ what the Hell do I say if it’s shit” or “ Just nod and smile and make some positive but non committal noises”.

So it was with some wariness that I watched and opened my ears to Ducking Punches latest release and first music video Big Brown Pills From Lynn. Dan Allen, acoustic guitar and vocals, started DP as a solo project 4 years ago and after many gigs, including The Norwich Body Art Festival in 2012, he finally got a full line up together by the end of 2013 and so the folk/punk/acoustic beast that was Ducking Punches was finally able to do some damage and make it’s mark on the music scene. With it’s relatable lyrics and honest feel to the sound this anthem from their debut album Dance Before You Sleep sets the bar high not only for themselves but the competition. With other songs on the album such as “Why Can’t We Hold It Together’ and “Cursed Luck” one may be wary this is a self indulgent body of work wallowing in it’s pessimism but it manages to skirt that and feel like a raw and honest anthology of  a journey through the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Whilst the band as a whole are tight as can be hoped for when it comes to the music, and the use of violin makes a fuller and more interesting sound, Dan Allen’s rough yet emotionally charged voice and poignant sentiments really hit home with an unexpected twist to the heart.

 Whilst Dan Allen toured Europe with Frank Turner as a guitar tech, and subsequently played in his steed due to back problems on the tour, and you can feel some influences from him Ducking Punches stands tall as it’s own unique creation and combines all the best parts of the genres it dips into whilst avoiding the posing and almost forced ‘realness’ that a lot of ‘alternative’ bands try to crown themselves in in this day and age.

Also I dare anyone after listening to this song not to want to sing along loudly with the catchy but oh so true line repeated throughout the song “We had all the attention and god damn it nearly killed us”


Catch them this year at one of the following:

Playing Download Festival
Headline UK and European tour in July
USA tour in October
Playing FEST in Gainseville, Florida.

‘Dance Before You sleep’ is out now on No Panic Records.
New single – Big Brown Pills From Lynn

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