Our overall verdict "Good"

Godzilla Review
By Neale McGeever

How does the King of The Monsters hold up in the 2014 re-boot?

Most people reading this will have probably heard of Godzilla before this movie was announced. Either from the 1998 disaster movie, the 80s ‘Godzuki’ cartoon series or even the original Japanese movies from 1954 onwards. Either way the giant Japanese lizard is a big draw, he even has a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. So a Hollywood re-boot starring Bryan Cranston should be great…right?

The main complaint with the ’98 movie starring Matthew Broderick was it was not close enough to the original and Godzilla himself (or herself in that version) looked too ‘weird’. Well the good news is Godzilla is back to his good old self in this film! The bad news is you hardly see the alpha predator on screen.  A lot of screen time is spent on his nemesis Muto, and his Mrs. Muto has spawned after 15 years of nesting in a suburb of Japan, once home to Joe Brody (Walter White…I mean Bryan Cranston) who is a nuclear physicist studying these surreal tremors.

Bringing us up to speed his son Lt Ford Brody (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and wife Elle (Elizabeth Olson) who live in the US. Ford is called to Japan after Joe is caught trying to break in to a top secret quarantine site, once they are found out it is clear why it was cordoned off.  Inception’s Ken Watanabe tells them they have been trying to keep this creature at bay to avoid destruction…a bit late for that!

The two Muto’s rage war through Japan, Hawaii and the US, which awakens Monster One-Zero. Shit gets real when Godzilla hears someone has been on his patch. Oh yeah ford is in the military, not that you get reminded of that every five minutes.

The problem with this film is, although it is an action film, there isn’t anything really happening in this until the final fight scene. Even then, we don’t even see much of ‘zilla.  It feels like a weak Pacific Rim wannabe rather than a Godzilla re-boot.  Bring back the bad dubbing and men in rubber dinosaur costume! Last thing to note is Bryan Cranston and Ken Watanabe look like they don’t want to be there and want to stay off camera as much as possible.  For a destruction filled monster movie, you are better off waiting for the new Transformers movie. I haven’t been this disappointed by a movie since Godzilla…in 1998.

For fans of: Pacific Rim, Cloverfield.