Summer Sirens: Little Miss
By Tom Lebeau Packer
So it’s Summer, and besides vests, creepy sounding ice cream fans and girls rocking those short shorts that leave nothing to the imagination ( and maybe too much to the fresh breeze) the streets of England get flooded with buskers. Now in my home city of Norwich (yes the in-bred/Alan Partridge place) this is such a case, whether it’s our infamous puppet man, Asian Elvis, one armed Michael Jackson dance tribute act or one of the many strangers with an instrument and a hat strumming away you can’t walk 100 paces until you encounter some sort of street performance.
On the whole these are usually fairly average, most not too bad that you want to run into the nearest WHSmith and ram your eyes into dull pencils or talented enough to make you stop and either record on snapchat/instagram or find out more about them. However every now and again you stumble across someone that actually makes you stop and delay your day to soak up the music being thrown your way.
THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN DEAR READER: We want you to send in any of these musical sirens that you find in your local city/town/village. Get chatting to them,find out if they have a soundcloud/youtube/facebook and send them our way so we can feature them.
First Summer Siren 
Name: Little Miss

Age; 21

Instrument: Sings with her guitar

First song I learnt to play: Come as you are by Nirvana. Smoke on the water by Deep Purple too but everyone plays that first so I thought I’d be more interesting aha

Random Fact: My favourite things in life are fires outside, cider fueled adventures and camping at the beach.

I discovered Little Miss whilst walking through my city centre, a small crowd had already gathered, which on a packed sunny Saturday is impressive enough as it is, and was captivated in mute amazement by her rich and distinctive voice and lovely guitar skills. Singing a wide range from Ben Howard and Bloc Part to Dolly Parton and my personal favourite her Gorillaz and Grandmaster Flash mash up.
Check her out at where you can also enjoy some original songs. We can’t get enough of ‘A Song For Mary’ and have had it on repeat for hours. Perfect Summer chill out song.