Amie Conradine From Evarane
By Tom Lebeau Packer

So you’ve seen her hotter than hell photos but Amie Gibson is more than just a pretty face (and legs,stomach,bum…you get the picture) behind that femme fatale smile rests a voice that only adds to her appeal.  She’s been the frontwoman for ‘Evarane’ since January this year and she hasn’t wasted a single second of that time, this isn’t a girl who dawdles but kicks the door down and grabs the opportunity at hand. We caught up with her earlier this week during her busy schedule to ask a few questions, and she didn’t disappoint or pull any punches with her answers. If you believe girls are made up of sugar and spice and all things nice, stop reading here, if however you like your women opinionated and with a large tablespoon of attitude read on brave reader.

If you’ve written new material since joining band, what’s your writing process?

Since joining the band I’ve rewritten all the lyrics for every song in the band, we have also decided to drop two old songs. I’m quite a quick writer when it comes to my lyrics, I don’t like to force a writing session. Basically all of the lyrics I’ve written have come to me whilst travelling or at unexpected times so I just bust my phone out, type it all down then work on it on paper as soon as I can.

Musical influences?

My personal main influences are The Plasmatics, Municipal Waste, Otep, and old school late 70’s punk and ska music. The guys all have their own individual influences and each are different from the other so our sound really has a fusion of different genres.

Had you had any previous experience being frontwoman in a band?

Yes I’ve been in and out of bands since the age of 11. I was known as little punk Amie in my town and also known for how upfront I was with an audience, I would often jump off the stage and start singing in people’s faces for the fun of it. I’m a blunt person and that definitely comes across on stage I often get told off by the guys for some of the things I say but I won’t apologise for my outgoing straight to the point attitude.

Worst/best gigging experience so far?

Worst is when you can’t hear a single fucking thing on stage because the sound guy/sound woman hasn’t a fucking clue what they are doing haha.

Best… well in recent months we have played some of my absolute favourite shows but a big highlight I think for all of us was our first show ever as the new line up, my first show being frontwoman for Evarane supporting the almighty SKINDRED what an absolute honour that was for all of us. I even had to pleasure of joining them on stage to sing alongside their wicked frontman Benji in their song Warning, I couldn’t have been more chuffed! So much love to them.

As a female frontwoman do you think there is more emphasis on what you wear on stage as opposed to a male vocalist?

Theres definitely a pressure on you as a female to look good but I will never wear something for someone else’s approval. What I wear on stage is my choice, as long as I feel good and comfortable I’m happy. I mostly wear crop tops/sports bras with skinny jeans on stage or if it’s a hot day I’ll wear hot pants and a tank top I’m jumping around like a mad woman on stage and I sweat a lot, the lights are so unbearably hot so I need to be  comfortable and in breathable clothing haha.

How do you deal with nerves (if any) before a set? Haha do you really wanna know?!

Ok, ok I have a big nervous poo right before I go on stage. Honest. Not even a lie. The guys avoid the green room toilet at shows.

Drink of choice after a show?

Desperados with lime YUM! I don’t drink anything but water before a show.

Has it had any effect on your pursuit of modelling?

I don’t think so no, I like to keep them separate but sometimes they combine together and that’s fine too. I still love modeling and continue to shoot in my free time for many different cool companies and talented photographers.

How do you think you have changed the band dynamic/sound/as a whole?

It’s more edgy, aggressive and diverse now I believe, but you shouldn’t be asking me that really, the guys are better answering that.

If you could have any actor/actress in your first music video who would it be and what would they be doing?

Tim Curry as Pennywise so he can dance with me like in that dream I once had….*ahem*

Any particular places or ways that help you get inspiration for song/music writing?

Nothing particular no, anything can inspire me I write a lot about experiences of my own and issues that I feel need to be heard about in music more these days. I’m sick of hearing meaningless lyrics and half arsed efforts.

If you had to sell the band to us in 1 sentence what would that be?

Ballsy, energetic, catchy, electronic rock with a hint of metal! \m/

We here at Elite can’t help but have our ears seduced by their newly recorded track  ‘Critic’, and expect big things from this band within the next year. Check out the new track ’ at