Beyond Recall
By Matilda Maybee

British based band ‘Beyond Recall’ have not only made impressive progress in the past few years but have added a new tang to the Nu-Metal genre. With their radical riffs, roars and rapping, they play with pace making any listener and audience member want to get up and make the floor rumble on their catchy choruses.

Forming back in 2010, the band have came a long way, performing alongside and supporting acts like Attack Attack, The blackout and A Skylit Drive. Being no strangers from performing sold out gigs, now is the time for ‘Beyond Recall’ to be in the spot light. Having their first ever headlining tour in June, the band will be shredding it up in main cities such as Birmingham, Newcastle, Southampton, London and their home town Bristol.

After four solid years of intense hard work and ups and downs with the leave of two ex band members, Beyond Recall re-create the band, building up their empire bigger than before, allowing their dreams to finally come true. Their latest single ‘Up Up!’ received an immense 7,000 views within the first week of release and debuted no.10 in the ‘Scuzz most wanted’ rock chart. Gaining greater commercial success and credibility, they have now amazingly achieved holding the no.1 spot in the rock charts for various weeks. Following the footsteps of their musical influences, Beyond Recall have made themselves a remarkable reputation, finally allowing them to have themselves seen and heard worldwide. With huge aspirations, drive and talent, these lads will be making quite an entrance into the wonderful world of music stardom as they charm their fans with their liquid gold lyrics.

From having the pleasure of interviewing Zaid Elgahmi (Lead vocalist) and Joshua Willet (Drummer and vocalist), Elite Online Mag can dish out the goods and the ins and outs to the band and their latest single. ‘Up Up!’ being a fresh and iconic track for them and their success, it was essential we got the story behind it. The track ‘Up Up!’ sensationally combines rap verses, an energetic, body thrusting chorus and a cracking breakdown conclusion all in the matter of 4 minutes. ‘Up Up!’ also involves a more techno approach with its computerised beats and sound effects, giving off an ‘Enter Shikari’ element. As stated as the track title the words “Up Up!” are embedded throughout the smashing single. Not only acting as a catalyst to getting people up and hyped, Zaid informs us that it is in fact a tool to getting people’s attention. With lyrics like ‘I’ll pick your character as I know you like playing the victim’, the band also set a narrative throughout the song and within the music video.

The band have achieved so much accomplishment whilst being unsigned, however from all the commercial success they have received through SCUZZ and BryanStars, being signed may be on the horizon for Beyond Recall. On the other hand, after four years of independence, being signed may not be something they want. Zaid and Josh humbly stated that being signed to a label isn’t necessarily something  they are pushing, however if a label could provide a booking agent, management and a foundation of support when regarding albums, they would be more than happy to rock on board.

With official inside information, Beyond recall have many major and exciting plans for the future. Successfully still remaining in the competition to playing ‘DOWNLOAD’ festival, the fight is still current to getting top. With a close connection to their fan base and a reoccurring commercial appearance, the opportunity is merely within their reach. Elite being a member of ‘TeamRecall’, we are backing them all the way throughout their career, so make sure you do to. For a further insight and information check out our video interviews with Beyond Recall focusing on their music and their personal lives. Updates will also be provided on the website on their progress and tour dates.

By Matilda Maybee