Our overall verdict "Good"

The Amazing Spider Man 2 Review

By Neale McGeever

It doesn’t seem that long since we were getting excited for Spider Man 2 in 2004. Hard to believe it’s a whole decade since what is regarded as the best Spidey movie to date.  2012’s Amazing Spider-Man split audiences down the middle: Some were really surprised and loved it. Others hated it and made Peter Parker in to a whinier little emo than he was in 2009’s Spidey 3. Either way, ‘Amazing’ made enough money and positive feedback to warrant a sequel. The jury is still out on whether Sony are just using the franchise to spite Disney, by stopping the character featuring in Avengers 2 (long story) or really want to re-boot the franchise. For me, Andrew Garfield as Peter and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey were enough to bring me back to the cinema.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 picks up where the last movie left off. Kind of, we are introduced to a new villain straight away. What the…? Not a bad set piece but it feels a bit like Batman Forever’s Two-face opening scene.  This sets the scene for the rest of the movie in a way, a lot is set up early int he film to be paid off later. Peter is still haunted by Gwen’s father (see the first one if you aren’t sure about this) and still misses Uncle Ben (his Uncle, not the rice guy). He is still a freelance photographer and now dating Gwen , who is working for Oscorp. This is when we meet Harry Osbourne (Dan DeHaan) who reminds me of a young Leo. DeHaan does a great job at playing Peter’s childhood friend and ungrateful rich kid. If you have seen the Sam Rami trilogy, you know James Franco has left some pretty big shoes to fill for this character.

We find out Harry has been left the company in his father’s will and is re-united with Peter. Meanwhile,  Gwen  bumps into a geeky co-worker called Max Dillon (Jamie Foxx) who is reminiscent of Jim Carrey as Ed Nygma in Batman Forever (second time I’ve mentioned that movie!)  Dillon  brags about being saved by Spidey but is left to switch off the main electrical generator that night. Which in true comic book superhero fashion, doesn’t go to plan.  Dillon becomes Electro and hi-jinks ensue! That isn’t all? Harry is diagnosed with a disease which will kill him in the same fashion as his father and needs some of Spidey’s blood to ‘cure’ him (or so he thinks).

There is a lot going on in this film, which is its downfall really. Sony have commissioned two more Spidey films so I think one of these plot lines could of been saved for another instalment.  Other than the three villains on the poster, there are a few subplots happening at the same time. This reboot should have been a long-running TV drama other than a quadrilogy of movies.

This is very enjoyable as a Marvel superhero movie outside of the Avengers universe, don’t get me wrong. I think writers have upped the ante too much to trump the recent tales of Thor, Cap, Iron Man, etc.  Like the first film I think this will split fans down the middle, especially at the end. Personally I’m looking forward to seeing ASM3 and 4.