Architects Lost Forever// Lost Together album review

After hitting the wall with their 2011 album ‘The here and now”, the ‘Architects’ save their reputation by recovering with their most brutal and radical album yet. The Brighton based metal-core band come smashing through, making them one of Britain’s best metal bands to date. With the high frequency of passion and fight, ‘Lost Forever// Lost Together’ will deservedly be their most successful album yet. The Architects have always taken the side line approach to the music industry in comparison to more commercial, mainstream metal bands. However with this astounding sensation of an album, now will evidentially be their time in the spot light.

Opening the album with the blistering ‘Gravedigger’ and explosive ‘Naysayer’, mind-blowing first impressions are made. Introducing with such vocally intense and musically aggressive tracks, the band emphasise their melodic values  which will be respected in the hardcore platform.

Lead vocalist Sam Carter has pushed his voice to immense and impressive limits with his fierce roars and riffs in the album. The band display their ferocious and fighting attitudes with their extremely energetic, body booming and mind thudding instrumentals, which will get any audience lashing around the pits.

Architects have not been fearful of fulfilling the anti religion concept with ‘Broken Cross’. Provocative lyrics like “God only knows why we were born to burn” and “He doesn’t f*cking love us”, contradict the ideology of God as being a loving foundation for humanity. Carter punctuates the opening line with a rage rushing groan “Argh!” as a full stop. The violent groans throughout reinforce the idea of anger and aggression to the song, a constant undercurrent which can be found layered in their music.  Negative connotations are consistent within ‘Lost Forever// Lost Together’, this factor is evident within the song titles; ‘The devil is near’ and ‘Dead man talking’. It is questionable as to whether the band was influenced by past experiences relating to religious concepts or are they using this as a catalyst to get an audience and critical reaction?

After such a viciously intense opening to the album, the Architects turn the tension down with the instrumental track ‘Red hypergiant’. With no vocals from Carter, roars are replaced with a computerised voice over quotation. However, this calm is soon distorted by the confrontation of ‘C.A.N.C.E.R’, as the band once again boast their enthusiasm to the death metal genre. Picking up the pace, ‘C.A.N.C.E.R’ integrates a sense of mayhem with its head banging guitar and drumming beats which is pursued to the end of the album.

It is evidential, yet clear to say ‘Lost Forever// Lost Together’ is an absolute ripper of an album, as it lands itself in the top 20 UK album charts. Being ranked 16th place in a matter of days after the release, it is likely we’ll be seeing a lot more of them in a higher position in times to come. After being confronted with their past mistakes from their last album,  the UK based band seem genuinely humbled by the response and  thank their fans worldwide with a heart-warming and humble approach. From being astonished from the hit off of the album, the stunned metal band is fulfilled with confidence for their ‘Lost Forever’ tour.

With the commercial success of this album, Architects are returning to their metal core roots, relighting the fires of the fans who were disappointed and lost with their last album, ‘The here and now’. Could it be that the band have finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel, having found a captivating blue print for audience appeal. Only the future can hold the answer to this question as the band twist and turn through their musical journey. All proof points that returning to their original roots and sense of style, was most definitely the right direction for the band to take, as they gain more credibility and attention from this blood bouncing album.

By Matilda Maybee