Elite 4: Unlikely Oscar Nominees 2014

By Neale McGeever


Jackass presents Bad Grampa for ‘Best Hair and Make-up’

Yes, Jonny Knoxville dressed as an old git with his balls hanging out is up for one of the most prestigious film awards in the world. Granted the best part of Bad Grampa is Knoxville’s disguise, this isn’t the same as usual academy nominees. Why his grandson isn’t up for ‘Best Supporting Actor’ is beyond me!


Jonah Hill ‘Best Male Actor in A supporting Role’

I never thought I’d say Jonah Hill is a two-time Oscar nominee. That’s right, the fat kid off Superbad has been nominated for best supporting role. Previously he was nominated for his role in Moneyball alongside Brad Pitt and this time around for Wolf of Wall Street, with Leonardo DiCaprio. To think he was once known as ‘the fat version of Seth Rogan’ and was first brought to our attention for asking how much some platform boots were containing goldfish in the 40-Year-Old Virgin. The worst part is, through all his obnoxious role, his character ‘Donny’ he is nominated for is the worst most irritating. It’s as if a character from Scary Movie 6 had wandered on to Scorsese’s set.  Hill’s next role is The Green Lantern in Lego: The Movie. Yeah… sounds AWSOME!


Pharrell Williams’ Number 1 single ‘Happy’ for ‘Best Original Song’

Everyone seems to like Despicable Me. If you don’t, you are officially certified grumpy pants. Its sequel released summer 2013 featured a particularly jolly number from legendary hip-hop producer and big hat wearer Pharrell Williams. ‘Happy’ was one of 2014’s first UK number 1 singles and will be in your head all day once you finish reading this and featured in Despicable Me 2. Not the first time a hit single has been nominated Eminem’s ‘Loose Yourself’ won the same award for 8 Mile back in 2004. Let’s hope the award is a solid gold minion.


Tony Stark may finally get a smaller gold-plated man this year

Iron Man 3, the conclusion to the series is nominated for ‘Best Visual Effects’ which has been won by classics such as Star Wars in 1977, The Matrix in 1999 and Jurassic Park in 1993. This award is usually the wild card as a lot of true movie goers will be more familiar with the titles. This year for example also has Star Trek into Darkness, The Hobbit Part 2 and The Lone Ranger up for gongs.  A gold-plated Iron Man figurine for Robert Downey Jr should be especially made to mark the end of this great trilogy if the effects team get this award.