Our overall verdict "Good"

Grudge Match Review

By Neale Mcgeever

Boxing movies are always great. Also, arguably the only sport that works on screen If you ask anyone the best boxing movie is: their answer would be the Scorsese classic Raging Bull, starring the legend that is Robert DeNiro. Others will say Sylvester Stallone’s Oscar winning story about over-coming the odds, Rocky, which spawned five sequels (and counting).  So who would win in a fight between Raging Bull and Rocky? Decades on, DeNiro and Stallone get to duke it out in the ring in Grudge Match.

Round one of DeNiro vs Sly in this movie starts in the 80s.  The Hollywood legends have a boxing rivalry which ends in Stallone’s character, Henry ‘Razor’ Sharp, retiring.  This ends up in the rivalry ending bitterly and both out of a career. 30 years on, Razor is visited by Dante (played by the hilarious Kevin Hart) who wants to feature him in a video game. Deniro’s character, Billy ‘The Kid’ McDonnen also shows up for a motion capture session with Razor which leads to a scrap which goes viral and sparks the rumour of a rematch.  With trainers new and old both of them train for one of the best publicised fights of all time.

This film is obviously a comedy, as most of DeNiro’s output is these days (Last Vegas, The Family) and includes references to the Rocky films and other boxing related jokes. It is good to see Sly having a laugh again after going back to his action roots with the Expendables series and Escape Plan, but the main source of comedy is from Kevin Hart who we may see a lot more of on the big screen this year (see Ride Along) which is good as he will finally get to shake the ‘guy from Scary Movie 4’ shackles off.  Kim Basinger also stars as Sharp’s girlfriend Sally, who it looking H.O.T. for her age. Sharp and Kid’s relationships are the main focus for the last act of this film and definitely makes it more ‘human’ than an typical comedy punch out.

Grudge Match is a harmless but hilarious knock out of a comedy which is probably best watched with pizza and beer ( at home of course!) Definately one for the dads and those who think Rocky VII should be a comedy.