Our overall verdict "Excellent"

In 2004, the original Anchorman was released in cinemas and received a luc-warm reception from box office figures but gained more popularity on DVD by word-of-mouth and has became a modern classic in the past nine-years.  Almost a decade on a most anticipated sequel is released.  Sequels too much loved comedies are sometimes a terrible idea (e.g.  The Hangover Part II, Blues Brothers 2000) and sometimes just as great, if not funnier (Wayne’s World 2, Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey).

Luckily this is more in the latter category, for the most part. The film takes place in 1980, a few years after the original film takes place. Ron Burgundy (Will Farrell) and Veronica Corningstone (Christina Applegate) are now on national news and living a happy life in New York. Their boss, played by none other than Harrison Ford, promotes Veronica but fires Ron.  This prompts our moustachioed hero to go on another ‘milk was a bad choice’ style Scotch bender.  The film has a lot of recurring themes borrowed from the first film, which some comedies can suffer from but this works for Anchorman with nods to the original until the final scene.

Along the way he is offered a job at the first 24 hour news channel, with the help of the old team (Paul Rudd, Steve Carrell and David Koecher). The team decide the news they should report is too boring so make it more fun. This brings the four musketeers back to the top.  Ron moves on with his life and slowly forgets what is important. Again similar to the last film, this is the sequel’s biggest downfall.

One thing they should have played on more was the fact the news channel is owned by a corporation (like most news networks in America) which acts as a quick plot device but could have more potential a la Waynes World or Zoolander. Also both Will Farrell movies, funnily enough.

If you like slightly outlandish comedies with odd characters, of course Anchorman 2 is for you. Especially fans of the first film.  See if you can spot all the cameos and the real-life TV organisations they are spoofing.  A lot more could be done plot wise and less repetition of the first instalment.  Also the third act drags a little. Still worth going for some seriously huge belly laughs!

Words: Neale McGeever