Our overall verdict "Excellent"

Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite Review – by Sarah Quinn

The greatly anticipated sequel to a much loved series of games is here and it doesn’t disappoint, winning over 80 awards for its gameplay, concept, content and so forth Bioshock infinite is an amazing sequel to the Bioshock series.


Set in a familiar time period of the 20th century Bioshock Infinite is set in 1912, prior to the assumption of the previous games before it. The main difference in the new and previous Bioshock’s is the setting, this one is based on land hundreds of feet in the sky, your only methods of transportation are to walk, run, sky hook (much like Batman, think Batman with less of a dark feel) and jump aboard small / large platforms to take you from one side of the map to another. The familiar option of collecting is back as well as being able to hunt around for viewfinders and binoculars too; depending on whether or not you go hunting for them is down to you.


Now, I’m a player who fully enjoys interacting with the games, thus I like being able to choose what happens, about ten minutes in you get this choice, you can choose to make a decision which I believe no matter what you choose it ends up the same anyway, but, the interaction between gamer and game is a nice feature, similar to the reason why I loved the walking dead arcade series, any who, if you enjoy a first person shooter with an in depth storyline of survival and being sent on a quest/mission (whatever is preferred), to find a local celebrity with a hidden background this is the game for you, it’s different to the previous Bioshock’s, but the graphics, gameplay, plasmid usage and concepts are very similar, which is nice for a diehard Bioshock fan. I was happy to see that the Bioshock creators had changed the underwater theme making it seem like a completely new game, but in my opinion, this game seems to be slightly easier, previously the big Daddy’s and little sisters would make it hard to complete the game, however, I see this game being completed in a few gaming sessions and that’s only because I haven’t a clue of how long the storyline is yet, the overall easiness of the game is high, it’s easier to aim at enemies and they seem to die much quicker than before, which I guess is a good thing, but when you’re up for and expecting a challenge it’s disappointing. 
They have brought in new enemies to face instead of the big Daddy’s, also known as being ‘The Handyman’ / men.. along with civilians along the way and an extra giant boss who I’ll leave for you to meet, unfortunately though, as great as the new characters are they don’t seem to entice me half as much as the previous enemies did.


There’s a lot to do and a lot of new features to make this game a brilliant sequel to the preceding Bioshock games, having a gripping storyline, new enemies, new ways of transportation, new plasmids, new characters and new surroundings makes Bioshock infinite a must have game of 2013, I would rate it 10/10 but the lack of big Daddy’s and little sisters changed the view on it for me, I understand a company has to change to keep interest and there is a referral to the little sisters which is a nice link but the actual combat and idea of the previous enemies were some of my favourite in any game ever, therefore leaving Bioshock Infinite with a 9/10 rating.