Our overall verdict "Perfect"



Bioshock Review – by Sarah Quinn

So Bioshock is a pretty old game now considering we’re now awaiting Bioshock Infinte, however, it’s a game that HAS to be played and for those diehard Bioshock / first person shooter fans, it’s a great game to return to and play again.

So being that Bioshock is a first person shooter and a game I hadn’t played before, I really didn’t expect much from it, however, I found myself being very wrong, very quickly.

Almost instantly from starting the game your character finds themselves thrown into gameplay and action, what I like about Bioshock is that it lacks stupidly long cutscenes that that take up most of the game time, the storyline is spread out throughout the game really well so you don’t need a cutscene to understand whats going on 24/7.
The main reason I like Bioshock is that it has choices within the gameplay, the ‘little sisters’ can either be harvested or saved dependant on how you want to run the game, harvesting the little sisters results in being able to upgrade quicker, saving means you get gifts, but you have to wait for them, when a game gives the player choices I instantly enjoy it more as it isn’t telling you how to play the game, you are able to decide parts of it for yourself. The shock factor within Bioshock is great, it isn’t too creepy nor is it too farfetched to be scary, I doubt Bioshock was meant to be a scary game to most, however, I found it in places jumpy and unexpected. Saving anywhere within the game is also a nice touch, it means you don’t to wander endlessly until you find a save point, you can literally save mid fight and continue later.

A negative about Bioshock is the fact there is so much to collect, now, in most games I like collecting random items, such as the side project in the Grand theft auto series where there is always something to collect, in Bioshock there seems to be a lot of record players and hell, I liked that in Batman – Arkham Asylum, but in this game there seems to be one in every room you enter, now call that an exaggeration but I was picking those things up on walls, floors, desks and I’m pretty sure there is a wall or floor in every room, right?

In all honesty though, as much as I try to cherry pick tiny details to negatively comment on in Bioshock, I couldn’t find much more that was wrong with it, the gameplay is brilliant, the graphics, especially under HDMI are great, the storyline is good and there is always something to do and the characters within Bioshock were made really well, the ‘normal’ people you meet were designed well but not as well as the Big daddy’s and the insane people you meet along the way, now without spoilers, they’re enough to play the game for.

After playing the game for no longer than 30 minutes I instantly wanted to preorder the newest Bioshock Infinite and considering I’m a girl who only preorders zombie/Rockstar titles, I’d say that was a pretty good clue as to how good this game is.