Our overall verdict "Good"


Bayonetta Review – by Sarah Quinn

Bayonetta wasn’t a game I had heard of prior to seeing it discounted at a game store, being on sale I thought, what the hell, I’ll try it.


The storyline of Bayonetta is good, it has a few twists and turns which are unexpected, however, that’s providing you want to watch every cutscene which lasts about ten minutes each, you can always skip them which I found useful after about 5 of the damn things, but that way you don’t really know what’s going on.


The gameplay of Bayonetta is great, there’s a lot to do and the World you play in is always changing, especially in boss battles, which gives you a good chance of using combos and trying out new button bashing combinations, however, the bosses take forever to kill, and when you get right down the last few hp then die, it’s the most annoying thing having to restart all over again, imagine final fantasy’s boss battles before Final Fantasy gave up on itself after Final Fantasy X; this being said, if you don’t like pure hack and slash games, Bayonetta is not for you. Bayonetta doesn’t get a break, you’re trying to get from one place to another and this could be 5 steps to where you need to get to and BAM, monsters, now I like hash and slash games, but my thumbs began to hurt after an hour of playing, not exactly how I wanted to feel, especially as I like completing my games within a week, this game took me several even though it’s a really easy game to play.


BayonettaFirst look on Bayonetta I didn’t have a lot of time for it, however, sexy female character who has more attitude than a spolit child made it worth my while, it’s challenging and lengthy, depending on game mode and how easy you find the bosses and every end of chapter, it’s surprising storyline also made it a great little game to play especially when having spare time on your hands and needing something fun to play, was nice and easy to rack up the achievements too.


However, the fact that Bayonetta II is exclusive to the WIIU is enough for it to get a lower rating, if it was only XBOX 720 that would be fine, but for it to be on a format that it wasn’t even on previously really annoyed me, luckily, Bayonetta is a game I’m likely I’ll play again so I don’t completely miss out.