Jaydee Lou

Image by PICFX

The Interview with Jaydee Lou in Issue 19
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Well Jade, why has it take you so long to come back to Elite? And what have you been up to? Have you not heard MW3 is now out?


So lets talk about something different for a change, Are you a fan of sports, if so which ones? Is Call of Duty classed as a sport? If not then it should be! No can’t say I am a big fan of sports to be honest, although I do like to watch the footie at the pub from time to time, although I will admit that I spend more time eyeing up the talent in the pub than on the pitch!


Being from Manchester you have a choice between two of the best teams, who do you support? Whoever is winning!


Are you clued up on the offside rule? It’s a rule which is about being offside and basically means your off the side and breaking the rules right? Can you not just ask me a question about Call of Duty of something … jeez!


What are your best assets? Probably my legs… Because I’m so bloody tall. I’m not one to rave about myself to be honest!


Photographer: PICFX – www.picfx.co.uk
Model: Jaydee Lou – www.jaydeelouise.co.uk