Charlotte Green

Image by John Farrar

The Interview with Charlotte in Issue 20
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Hi Charley, we are so glad to have you in our magazine! How does it feel to appear in Elite?  Hello all… Ever so happy! I love published work… and I’ve known of Elite for a while now! I’m so over due an appearance ! 😀


So what have you been up to recently? Christmas shopping and I have just been to  Las Vegas on a trip 🙂 lots of work and being cold mainly though 🙁


Who are your modeling aspirations? I know many people are not fans of Katie Price but I do believe she’s very successful and lucky 🙂 to be fair… all models I’m surrounded by inspire me!


How did you get in to modelling and what has been your best experiences so far? I got into modelling 3 years ago… I went a very long time being overweight and due to nasty comments from ‘friends’ I decided to do something about it… somehow I managed to keep my big boobs so I thought I best put them to good use 🙂 I had a friend from school, Brooke,  who was modelling straight from school and she really helped me at the beginning.


Photographer: John Farrar –
Model: Charlotte Green –